About us

Eastmarketplace.com was born on East Market Milano's 6th birthday for all vintage fans and more (www.eastmarketmilano.com).

Perfectly in line with the London spirit that inspired the initial concept, the new marketplace will host - as per tradition - super cool objects with a unique design that perfectly combine the typically Milanese taste with the international one.

Looking around among the digital stands you will find: antiques, furniture, vintage, second hand, sneakers, vinyl, curiosities, oddities and old collections. But the double advantage of Eastmarketplace.com is to be open 24 hours a day (and not just once a month like the original one), and to have an international network of sellers and collectors, always carefully selected.

Eastmarketplace.com with this new project also wants to emphasize its green and plastic free soul, highlighting the sustainability of second-hand pieces: which are good for the planet because as the motto at the base of the project says: